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The helmet covers of PYH fit both children’s and adult’s ski helmets and are fixed thereon in no-time. Just pull the cover over the helmet, pull the elastic bands of the cover over the ear protection of the helmet, and you’re done!

Faux fur or fake fur is synthetic fur produced by weaving two different yarns together. First, there is a strongly plied basic yarn made of cotton and second a synthetic polyacryl pile yarn. Within the pile yarn the piles are already plied and are put to the visible upper side while the two yarns are woven together in special looms. The fibers are heat sensitive and should be washed at a maximum temperature of 40° C. They should neither be ironed nor put into a tumbler.

About PYH

„Bears don’t wear a helmet either”, such was my three year olds main argument for his refusal to wear a ski helmet. The answer “Bears don't ski, anyway…” would have been reasonable, but the thought of a skiing bear had some merit. So, what if bears really skied… would they wear a helmet? I saw a whining little bear in front of me, refusing to wear a helmet, a young bear that started to look more and more like my boy.

The idea for “pimp your helmet” was born.

His grandmother sewed my boy his first helmet cover; from then on, the helmet was put on in no-time. Furthermore, the kid is easy to be seen on the slopes and will not be overlooked by other skiers. After neighbor kids and friends of my boy had also been fitted out with helmet covers, different prototypes were designed. The faux fur stems from a company in China. The precut pieces of the helmet covers were then sewn together and finished in Switzerland by professional seamstresses.

The designs of PYH are constantly expanded. So revisit our homepage and join the rank of PYH on Facebook! Currently, we are working on collections for riding, bike and motorcycle helmets.

Out on the slopes

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As soon as you have bought your PYH helmet cover, send us your holiday pictures with your cover in order for you to star in our gallery and on Facebook. The best photos will be chosen monthly by the other visitors, and the winner will receive a helmet cover of her / his choice. 

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