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White rabbit adult

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All helmet covers of PYH except the rabbit covers fit both children’s and adult’s ski helmets. The rabbit covers are the only covers that have been designed in two sizes. This is due to the fact that the ears must lie tight to the helmet in order to stand up straight.
The covers can be fixed on the helmets in no-time: Just pull the cover over the helmet, pull the elastic bands of the cover over the ear protection of the helmet, and you’re done!

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Faux fur or fake fur is synthetic fur produced by weaving two different yarns together. First, there is a strongly plied basic yarn made of cotton and second a synthetic polyacryl pile yarn. Within the pile yarn the piles are already plied and are put to the visible upper side while the two yarns are woven together in special looms.

The fibers are heat sensitive and should be washed at a maximum temperature of 40° C. They should neither be ironed nor put into a tumbler.